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La Caleta

La Caleta is a small and quiet holiday resort in the south-western part of Tenerife, approx. 5-6 km north of Playa de las Americas.

The beach in general
La Enramada beach in La Caleta is a 200-300 m long natural beach covered with coarse lava sand and rocks.
The water is clear and clean, but the bathers often experience big waves, as the beach is completely unprotected towards the west.

La Galeta beach

During the high season, it is possible to rent sun lounges and sunshades at the beach, and there is also access to toilets. There is free parking in both ends of the beach.

The lovely sand beach Playa de Duque is located to the south-east – less than one kilometre’s walk away in the holiday town of Costa Adeje.

The coarse lava sand, the large amount of rocks and the big waves make the beach less child-friendly.

La Enramada

Water sports
The beach of La Caletas offers no water sports. For water sports you should head to the beaches in the holiday towns further south.

Beach restaurants
There is a beach bar, which is usually open during the high season.

La Caleta holiday resort
La Caleta is a small and peaceful town, but if the extension of Costa Adeje continues, La Caleta will be merged with the larger town of Costa Adeje in a few years. Large new luxury hotels have already popped up just south of the beach in La Caletas.

La Galeta Tenerife
La Caleta

The largest hotel in La Caleta is the apartment hotel Hovima Jardin Caleta, which has a beautiful view of the beach and the ocean. The town has a number of restaurants, including a tapas restaurant and a sea food restaurant. Several of the restaurants have a lovely view of the ocean. There are also a few bars in La Caleta.

North of the town, you can find two gorgeous golf courses, mostly intended for tourists visiting Costa Adeje. The various holiday towns further south are brimming with activities for families, including two large aquaparks, namely Siam Park and Aqualand Costa Adeje.

La Caleta map
La Enramada, the beach in La Caletas, can be found in the middle of the map. Some of the large new hotels popping up closer and closer to La Caletas can be found south east of the beach.

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