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Top 10 best beaches

Tenerife has many amazing beaches. Beautiful natural beaches, charming town beaches and big, child-friendly beaches are among the contestants in this Top 10. Selecting the best ones partly depends on the qualities that are important to each individual person, but here is our idea of the best beaches in Tenerife.

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Las Teresitas beach

No. 1: Las Teresitas beach
The best beach in Tenerife is Las Teresitas, which is located a bit north of the capital Santa Cruz. The beach has golden sand from the Sahara and shallow water, which is perfect for children. Behind the beach, you can see the impressive Anaga mountains and the small village San Andres is located in the southern end of the beach. A very beautiful beach, which is well worth a visit.

Las Vistas

No. 2: Las Vistas beach
The first runner-up is the very family-friendly Las Vistas, which is the most popular beach in the holiday resort Los Cristianos. The beach has bright sand from the Sahara and calm water. Behind the beach, you will find the busy seafront and with the wide range of water sports activities, there is never a dull moment.

Playa de el Médano

No. 3: Playa de el Médano
Playa de el Médano is the most charming town beach in Tenerife. It is located in the heart of the town El Médano and is surrounded by a nice seafront with restaurants and cafés. A small, but very nice and quiet town beach.

Costa Adeje

No. 4: Playa del Duque
Playa del Duque is the best of three fine beaches in the holiday resort Costa Adeje. It is located in a small bay with golden sand and crystal clear water. Behind the beach, you will find the luxury hotel Bahia del Duque and the quality also impacts the facilities at the beach.

No. 5: Playa de Leocadio Machado
With its constant wind, this huge beach would probably be the first choice among windsurfers and kite surfers! The beach is located to the southwest of the town El Médano and from the beach there is a lovely view of the Montaña Roja (the Red Mountain). The beach should not be mistaken for the small town beach Playa de el Médano a few hundred metres away.

El Bollullo

No. 6: Playa El Bollullo
Playa El Bollullo is an amazing natural beach close to the holiday resort Puerto de la Cruz. The beach has fine-grained, dark lava sand, which is a nice contrast to the turquoise water. The beach is surrounded by rocks and there are even a few rocks in the water. A genuine natural beach with no facilities.

La Tejita

No. 7: Playa de la Tejita
The natural beach Playa de la Tejita is located on the east coast near the red mountain, Montaña Roja. The beach is the largest sand beach in Tenerife and a great natural experience. A small beach bar serves light meals and refreshments.

No. 8: Playa Fañabé
The holiday resort Costa Adeje ranks as number four with the beach Playa del Duque, but the bigger Playa Fañabé is also part of this Top Ten. A big child-friendly beach with fine-grained, bright sand and lots of restaurants, activities and life.

No. 9: Playa Jardin
The architect César Manrique is the man responsible for the lovely beach Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz. The dark, but fine-grained lava sand is surrounded by palm trees and exotic plants – the architect has even made room for a small artificial waterfall and a playground.

Playa de la Arena

No. 10: Playa de la Arena
The last beach on the list is the lovely town beach Playa de la Arena, which is a small beach in the town with the same name. The beach has fine-grained, dark lava sand and there are high palm trees behind the beach. At the seafront, there are several restaurants, the best one being Restaurante Pancho.

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