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Abades – Los Abriguitos

The holiday resort Abades is located on the south-east coast of Tenerife. The distance to the international airport Reina Sofia is approx. 15 km.

Abades beach
The beach in Abades is called Los Abriguitos, but only a few people will know it under that name.

The beach is located in the south-eastern part of town and is surrounded by sand dunes and low rocks. The dark lava sand is fine-grained and almost free of stones.

Los Abriguitos is located inside a small bay, which provides good protection against waves and undercurrents.
Except for a shower, there are no facilities at the beach. The parking lot close to the beach is rarely crowded.

On days without waves, the beach is fairly child-friendly. There is always room to play at the beach.

Los Abriguitos

Water sports
There are no water sports activities at the beach. The diving centre in town arranges diving trips for beginners as well as experienced divers.

Beach restaurants
Only a stone’s throw away from the beach, you will find the small town square with a selection of restaurants and a mini market.

Abades Tenerife

Abades holiday resort
Abades is a town of many names. Its original name was Sanantonio de Abona, but in 1978 it was renamed Los Abriguitos, which is the name of the beach as well.

In 1986, it was renamed again and has been called Abades since then. The town consists of approx. 800 holiday homes, which are almost identical, about ten restaurants and two small supermarkets. The town has a lovely and relaxed atmosphere.

There are no hotels in Abades, but many of the holiday homes are up for short-term or long-term rent.

Abades map

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