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Playa San Juan

Playa San Juan is a relatively small town on the west coast of Tenerife. The distance to the international airport, Reina Sofia, is 35 km.

The beach in general
Playa San Juan has a nice 350 m long beach, which is well protected next to the harbour. The beach was renovated in 2009, where it was supplied with a lot of bright sand. At the same time, a new sea front was built with restaurants and cafés.

Playa San Juan beach

The water is clear and usually calm. There are quite many pebbles for a few metres between the beach and the water, but the water has a sand bottom.

The beach has all the usual facilities, including sun lounges, sunshades, showers and toilets. There is also a free parking space close to the beach.

The beach is well protected against waves and this makes the water relatively calm. So apart from the areas with pebbles, the beach is well suited for children.

Playa San Juan palms

Water sports
There are no water sports activities at the beach itself. However, there is a yachting school and a diving centre close to the beach.

Beach restaurants
There is a fine selection of restaurants and cafés behind and close to the beach. The restaurants also work as beach bars.

Playa San Juan resort
Playa San Juan has grown from a small fishing village to a medium-sized town in the Canaries with many shops and restaurants. Two of the best restaurants are the seafood restaurant La Boca Rie and Jamon Jamon, which serves traditional Spanish food.

Playa San Juan Tenerife

Despite the lovely and roomy beach, Playa San Juan has not developed into an actual tourist destination. During the day, there are quite many tourists at the beach, but there are only a few small hotels in town.

The town is known for is perfect diving conditions with underwater caves and beautiful fish. There is also a golf course a few kilometres away.

Playa San Juan map
As seen on the map, the beach is well protected behind the large pier in the harbour.

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