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Playa de Diego Hernandez

Playa de Diego Hernandez beach is located between the two small towns of La Caleta and El Puertito on the southwest coast of Tenerife. From the capital Santa Cruz it is about an hour drive.

The beach in general
Playa de Diego Hernandez is a very special natural beach, located in some of the most stunning surroundings. The beach is about 200 meters long but divided in the middle by a rocky outcrop.

It is mainly covered with fine-grained lava sand, but also has smaller areas with low rocks. The crystal-clear water will only slowly become deep, but on the other hand it is not unusual for there to be waves. There are no facilities by the beach, nor toilets.

Playa de Diego Hernandez beach

What makes the beach so special can be described in three words: Naturists, hippies and dogs. Many of the beach’s guests take off their clothes, and some of them also bring a dog. There is room for this at Playa de Diego Hernandez, just as there has been room for hippies for many years. They live in small primitive huts and tents on the cliffs behind the beach.

The slightly cumbersome access to the beach helps to keep the number of guests down. Most come walking from La Caleta. The trip is not much longer than one kilometer, but the uneven path is best done with a pair of good shoes.

Child friendliness
On days without waves, Playa de Diego Hernandez is relatively child friendly. If there are waves, pay attention to the undercurrents that the waves can create.

Water sports
There is no rental of water sports by the beach.

Beach restaurants
No beach bars or the like, so remember to bring plenty of liquids.

Playa de Diego Hernandez Tenerife

Resorts towns nearby
Playa de Diego Hernandez is a real natural beach without a resort in sight. To the southeast is the small resort town of La Caleta, which has gradually grown along with the much larger resort town of Costa Adeje.

In the opposite direction, to the northwest, lies the very small coastal town of El Puertito. There are no hotels here.

Map of Playa de Diego Hernandez
The beautiful beach is seen in the middle of the map. A few hundred meters to the southeast is another natural beach, Playa de los Morteros, but Playa de Diego Hernandez is much nicer. A little further southeast on the map is the outskirts of La Caleta.

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